The Project

WhereCanYouGo aims to inspire business students and help them choose among the vast variety of career and life options.

Whether you want to become an investment banker in London or a serial entrepreneur in Berlin, the possibilities are countless and diverse. A privilege that also comes with the price of tough decisions.

In essence, WhereCanYouGo offers dozens of career and life stories from successful business graduates all across Europe. They allow a glimpse on what’s possible and illustrate a proven track of how to get there.

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Eric Bonnem

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Founder & CEO, Secret Planet

Eric has always been an adventurer: During his career he changed from consulting to engineering to luxury industry and today he's building a unique travel company.

Mireille Garolla

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MD, Group '3C

Mireille started in finance, then held positions in operations and general management. In 2010, she used her experience to take over her own company and just published a book this year.

Sergio Llorens Rubio

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CEO, Gigigo Group

With a law and business degree in his pocket, Sergio started his career in consulting. In 2005, he realized his dream and founded his own company Gigigo that he still runs today.

Hakan Kodal

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Chairman, KREA

After graduating, he worked in consultancies and investment firms. In 2006, he founded his own real estate investment firm in Istanbul.
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The Story

Each story is the interview of an ESCP Europe alumni. It tackles questions about their student experience, career options, industry expertise, or future plans. Thus, it offers unique insights into how a successful life and career can be achieved.

Additionally, many stories feature video content from the interviewees. Check out the video with Julian Steinbuch on the right and read his full story.

ESCP Europe is the first European business school, founded in 1819 in Paris. It has campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw and a total of 45000 alumni all over the world.

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“There are two basic ways of founding a company which all comes down to a trade-off in between preparation and the stuff you have to give up.”
Julian Steinbuch, CEO & Co-Founder
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The Question

The reason for this project is a personal question that every student can relate to: What can I do after graduation?

The answer to this question includes factual knowledge of job opportunities and career paths. But also the reflection of one self regarding personal interests and strengths.

The experience of alumni who have already chosen their path can be invaluable in this process. You’re invited to learn and build on their experience with the help of their story.

Apart from answering the core question, the project reconnects alumni with students and among each other. It aims to energize the ESCP Europe network for a better exchange between different generations of students.

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Get Involved

If you’re interested in participating in the project in one way or another, let us know. There are several options of how you can take part. You could:

  • meet and interview alumni in your city and share it with everybody else.
  • do the same while you travel throughout Europe – or throughout the world?
  • help maintain the website and keep the project running.
  • imagine and realize an idea that supports the cause of the project: connecting alumni with students and help them find their passion.
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