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Eric Bonnem

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Founder & CEO, Secret Planet

Eric has always been an adventurer: During his career he changed from consulting to engineering to luxury industry and today he's building a unique travel company.

Mireille Garolla

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MD, Group '3C

Mireille started in finance, then held positions in operations and general management. In 2010, she used her experience to take over her own company and just published a book this year.

Sergio Llorens Rubio

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CEO, Gigigo Group

With a law and business degree in his pocket, Sergio started his career in consulting. In 2005, he realized his dream and founded his own company Gigigo that he still runs today.

Laurent Burdin

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Ex-MD, Springer & Jacoby

After graduating, he pursued a career in advertising and successfully managed several agencies. He eventually made the shift to web and now mobile and founded his own company.

Julian Steinbuch

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After university, he started as a consultant at BCG in Madrid. In 2011, he founded an online job board specialized in IT experts which he still runs today.

Anna Deyerling

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CEO & Founder, Sitzfeldt GmbH

After graduating, she started as a consultant at Accenture. Eventually she founded the online sofa retailer Sitzfeldt with her brother and a friend in 2010.

Pierre Humeau

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Founder & Brand Chief Engineer, RE-UP

Pierre worked for MG Metall, Springer & Jacoby, EuroRSCG and founded GOODPILOT, his first own business, in 2008. Today, he runs his own agency RE-UP in London.

Jan Bohl

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COO/CFO, Ableton AG

After graduating, he worked as a consultant and eventually joined an early-stage start up. As COO/CFO he helped to grow it to an established music software company.