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Laurent Burdin

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Ex-MD, Springer & Jacoby

After graduating, he pursued a career in advertising and successfully managed several agencies. He eventually made the shift to web and now mobile and founded his own company.

Olivier Faujour

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Global CEO, Yoplait & Häagen Dazs

After graduating, he has pursued a career in marketing. He worked for Michelin, Procter & Gamble, Danone and General Mills all around the world. Today he is the global CEO of Yoplait and Häagen Dazs.

Pierre Humeau

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Founder & Brand Chief Engineer, RE-UP

Pierre worked for MG Metall, Springer & Jacoby, EuroRSCG and founded GOODPILOT, his first own business, in 2008. Today, he runs his own agency RE-UP in London.